Whoop I'm so excited that you are in! There's just a couple of MUST DO things to ensure you are ready!

You will get an email about this also in your inbox, but it’s great if you can take these 2 next steps now so you don’t miss out. Make sure you check all folders when looking for your email. 

1. Join the Facebook Group - Click here

The challenge starts May 30th, from May 22nd doors open & its welcome week.

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Let’s take a sneak peek at WHAT happens on the challenge.

6.00am Task Drops Everyday.

You'll get it sent to you by email. You'll get it sent to you by Facebook messenger. And it'll also be posted in the group. So there's three ways that you can get the day's task. It's every morning, bright and early to give you a chance to not only read about the task, but to do the task and implement it.

It's about learning and implementing.

Its nothing tooo crazy or time consuming - 20 minutes of your time daily.

There will be a short 5 min video to watch about the task which relates to my powerful three step process. It's all about learning and implementing. You get the task, you do the thing.

Task Threads - post your comments.

Every day in the group we have a TASK THREAD Which the heading will read TASK THREAD DAY 1, TASK THREAD DAY 2, TASK THREAD DAY 3, TASK THREAD DAY 4.. you get the idea? You get the task, you do the thing. You post on the thread. And it just holds you accountable for the whole four days.

9.00 PM AHAA Live Giveaways

Each night of the challenge 9.00pm I will go live for 45 mins and invite you to share with me your best "AHAAAA" moments and talk about my powerful 3 STEP process.
It will give you a chance to catch up on the days task and ask me questions. It's a fun environment giving you a chance to connect with other parents.

Sharing is caring .... welcome to share the challenge.

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