Build Better Bonds With Your Teen and their ADHD

We re-launch our improved program October 24th 2023. In the meantime download our free guide below and we will notify you when we launch.


Do you want to help build calmer bonds with your teen? Start by catching glimmers. This simple 5 minute stratergy.

Catching Glimmers - The Must Have Guide.  I will share with you my guide on Catching Glimmers For Teens.

In this guide I will share with you: 

  • How Catching Glimmers can help begin to break the cycle of negative thoughts & behaviours for your teen clients.  
  • How you can easily incorporate this simple strategy into your day to day life. Teach to those around you. 
  • A simple strategy that you can build on day by day. 

Yes please I want to learn how to build better bonds with my teen by learning about glimmers.

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