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Opening Conversations & Exploring Neurodivergence

What are the “Exploring Neurodivergence With Neurosloth™” digital cards and how do we use them?

The Neurosloth™ Cards are 90 cards designed to increase self-awareness and promote psychoeducation about neurodivergence in an affirming manner. They represent a wide range of traits and experiences that neurodivergent people may have when living in a neurotypical world.

As the creator of these I am someone who identifies as neurodivergent, a parent of neurodivergent teens, and a professional who works with neurodivergent clients. I created these cards with the goal of providing a valuable creative tool for individuals and communities seeking to better understand and support neurodivergent individuals and to unite together to celebrate our differences.

This product is a digital download – returns are not accepted. Ideas on how to use the cards included.

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