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Opening Conversations & Exploring Neurodivergence

🌈 Introducing the Neurosloth™ Digital Bundle: Celebrating Neurodiversity with Acceptance, Playfulness and Inclusion! 🦥✨
Hey there, friends! I’m thrilled to share with you the exciting world of the Neurosloths™ and our brand-new Neurosloth™ Bundle! 🎉🎁

NOTE: This product is a digital download – there is no refund on this product.

At Neurosloth Academy™, our mission is to raise awareness and promote acceptance of neurodiversity in a fun, accessible, and playful way. We believe in inclusivity, acceptance, and celebrating the unique strengths and traits of every individual. 🌟

With our cards, resources, programs, stories, and products, we hope to:

  • ✨ Offer representation and inclusivity, ensuring everyone feels seen and valued, regardless of age or background.
  • ✨ Normalize conversations about neurodiversity, fostering a society that embraces and includes all neurodivergent traits.
  • ✨ Empower individuals to embrace self-advocacy, seeking accommodations without shame or apology.
  • ✨ Challenge ableism and prejudices through diversity education, breaking down barriers and fostering understanding.
  • ✨ Explore the intersectionality of neurodivergence, raising awareness of the diverse experiences within our community.



So, what’s in the amazing digital Neurosloth™ Bundle? Let’s take a look! 📦🔍

🔸 10 Neurosloth™ Cards: Meet the original 9 Neurosloths™ from the Neurosloth Academy™! Each card features a lovable character with a short bio highlighting their unique traits, likes, and dislikes. You’ll also find a template to create your very own Neurosloth™ character and share their story!

🔸 1 A4 Sheet: Get all the Neurosloths™ and the template on one handy sheet for easy reference.

🔸 1 A4 Neurosloth™ “My Traits Map” Template: Dive deep into your own neurodivergent journey with this template. Explore and embrace your own traits, likes, and dislikes, creating a personalized Neurosloth™ that reflects your unique self.

🔸 59 Neurosloth™ Cards with Koda: This set of cards represents a wide range of possible traits and experiences that neurodivergent individuals may encounter. They serve as a valuable tool for sparking discussions and self-reflection.

🔸 59+ Reflection Prompts: Alongside each image card, you’ll discover thought-provoking prompts extracted from the Neurosloth™ Workbook. These prompts encourage self-exploration, understanding, and growth.

🔸 1 A4 Neurosloth™ Sensitivities Tracker: Uncover and track your sensory processing challenges with this handy tracker. Gain insights into your unique sensitivities and find strategies to navigate the world with ease.
🔸 1 A4 Neurosloth™ Emotions with Koda – 15 expression faces – print as stickers .

As the creator of the Neurosloths™, I identify as neurodivergent myself, and my passion stems from being a parent of a neurodivergent teen and a psychotherapist working with neurodivergent individuals of all ages. The Neurosloths™ are designed to spark meaningful discussions, provide support, and unite us in celebrating our beautiful differences. 🤝💙

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, community member, or simply curious about neurodiversity, the Neurosloth™ Bundle is a creative tool that will leave a lasting impact. Join us on this incredible journey of understanding, acceptance, and celebration.

Are you ready to dive into the world of the Neurosloths™? Let’s rumble in the jungle and embrace our unique Neurosloth™ selves! 🌳🦥✨

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