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Parents who enroll on Module One of "Build Your Digital Therapy Course" can use it as a powerful springboard to get started on their course creation journey and gain accountability for their progress.

This module serves as an excellent entry point, providing therapists with the foundational knowledge and practical tools they need to begin building their digital course with confidence.

Less mom rage*. More Teen love ADHD Managed

*mom is used as a gender inclusive term for parents and caregivers.  

Together we will work through the "Build Better Bonds with Your Teen & Their ADHD Program"

When ADHD is left unmanaged, every area of life is negatively affected. In fact, research shows that untreated ADHD is one of the most highly impairing conditions to live with. When I use the term impairing … let me explain.

Due to executive functioning we have a symptom, say a teen who's often forgetting their folder for class. That could lead to an impairment - not getting their work done, detention or falling behind in class.

Another example is a teen who has the symptom of poor time management. This could lead to impairments such as being late for school or pick ups, having trouble finishing assignments on time, or underestimating how long it takes to do their work or a chore they have been set.

And can you see where I am going with this? The consequences of your teens' impairments means they are often left dealing with frustrated and angry adults who have lost patience.

You also may find your teen will show their emotions to a greater degree - not because they have a mood disorder, but because they are less able to down regulate strong emotions through their executive processing system.

As parents you will notice very impulsive expressions of emotions to a greater degree and difficulties recovering control of themselves after the strong emotion has been provoked.

It can impact the whole family - causing no amount of angst often causing flared tempers and rising stress levels. And this is exactly why I created this program to support parents like I was.

The truth is, being a mom to a teen with ADHD is hard. And - at the same time, you know this is not the mom you want to be.

*mom is used as a gender inclusive term for parents and caregivers.  

You want to build a positive relationship with your teen BUT whenever you ask them about their day it ends in a shouting match. Rage mom: 0. ADHD teenager: 1. Communicating with your teen really does go from zero to 100 in seconds.

You want your teen to be socially engaged in healthy relationships with peers but every time you suggest they invite their friends over, they roll their eyes so hard at you you’re worried they’ve pulled a muscle. Their ADHD is driving a wedge in your relationship.

You want to empower your teen and teach them skills to manage their ADHD, and lead a happier safer life, but their inability to complete tasks .. often leaving you to finish them .. causes you frustration. Why is it you only get a response when you snap?

What will this course do for you? Maybe you have heard it all before? I guarantee you this course is unique!



Who is this program for? This program is for any parent or caregiver who wants to ............

So how does it work?

Hey, I’m Yasmin and I understand how heartbreaking it is when you watch your child struggle.

My program works – it’s built not just from my professional perspective as a qualified therapist working with stress and trauma.

But also from my mistakes and learning and sweat and tears of raising my own teen with ADHD and Dyslexia.

On top of that I am diagnosed with adhd, dyslexia and  I have dyspraxia – I get first hand the negative impact  it can have on your teens life if it is left to its own devices. 

When You Join Build Better Bonds With Your Teen & their ADHD, Here’s What Happens:

Over the space of 6 weeks once you have purchased –

Limited Offer £299.99

Why Work With Me?

Just to remind you of the results when you show up on the regular ......

Take a peek at what you will learn by completing this program. Laying strong foundations for building better bonds with your teen.

Six simple modules where I show you how to transform your relationship with your teen or tween.

Just practical steps with engaging tools and strategies to give you the results you have been hoping for - a better relationship with your teen & their ADHD.

I want to reinforce for you 100% percent belief in the possibility of change (without giving false hope or creating complacency).

What parents say ..........

Understanding ADHD

1. Definition of ADHD
2. Traits & symptoms associated with ADHD
3. Causes of ADHD
4. Diagnosing and treating ADHD
5. Common misconceptions about ADHD
6. Strategies for living with ADHD

Our Nervous System & Stress

1. Overview of Polyvagal Theory
2. The nervous system and family dynamics
3. Managing eye rolling and door slamming.
4. Impact of words on your teen
5. Safety and connection in family interactions
6. How to build better bonding strategies

The Eight Senses

1. Overview of different sensory systems
2. Common activators in neurodivergent individuals
3. Creating stress less environments
4. Impact of overlooked stimuli
5.Mitigate stressful sensory experiences
6. Review and reflection on learning

Your Sensory Profile

1.Overview of a sensory processing profile
2. Impact of different sensitivities
3. Creating an effective sensory profile
4. Sensory profiles to improve family dynamics
5. Identifying overlooked stressors
6. Strategies to manage meltdowns/shutdowns

Communication Mattters

1. Non-Verbal Communication.
2. Recognising Nonverbal Cues.
3.Communication Tools For Different Needs
4.Listening Strategies for ND Families
5.The Power Of Choice
6. Using The 8 Senses For Co-regulation

Pulling It All Together

1. Executive functioning & organisation
2. Managing Teen Impulsivity
3. Social skills - Identify strengths & weaknesses
4. Develop strategies for healthy friendships
5. Build communication & conflict skills
6. Connecting With Others Through Empathy

Your Trainer: Yasmin Shaheen-Zaffar As Seen ......


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14 Day Money Back

I Give You My Word

I have worked tirelessly to create a course that will genuinely support you changing your relationship with your teen. But if by any off chance you are not very happy, I promise to give you a 100% refund on your purchase within 14 days if you are dissatisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions


But what makes your program different? I have bought lots of programs before!


I know this program works if you implement the teachings - because I created this program. I am the creator of Polyvagal Teen® resources and tools, and tools and strategies are unique to my program. My resources and tools are used by therapists across the world. Now I want to share this knowledge with parents directly - because Polyvagal Principles changed my life. I broke generational patterns & became the parent I am today.


How do I know if this program is right for me?


This program is designed specifically of parents of tweens and teens who are ADHD or having learning differences or any parents or caregivers who and are looking to learn skills for emotion regulation, motivation, and responsibilities.


How long will it take to complete the course?


It should take approximately 6 hours to complete. One module is released each week over six weeks.  Each week you will have activities  to complete and a chance to implement them into your day to day life.  Once a week there is a group Q&A session via zoom. 


What are the group call times?


You will have the opportunity to attend the group coaching either at 10.00am or 10.00pm. BST/ GMT. Calls are recorded so you can watch in your own time and you can submit questions in advance.


What will I achieve from the group calls?


The group coaching offers a chance to submit questions of challenges you have may have faced, but also to share any "Ahaaa" moments and wins. They are there to create a community atmosphere, you can join in or not attend. It's your choice. It's also a chance to connect and stay accountable.


What if my teen hasn't been diagnosed with ADHD?


Not a problem! If you still have concerns for inattention, hyperactivity, or executive functioning, sensory processing, anxiety, school refusal - you're a great fit for the program. In fact you are a great fit for any parent or caregiver who wants to build a stronger relationship with their children. 


My child isn't ADHD, but I the parent am. Could this program help me?


Yes totally - once you learn these principles and knowledge you can apply it to anyone or situation. Anyone can benefit from incorporating these skills into their day to day life will benefit.


What if my teen refuses to learn new skills?


You won't be teaching them new skills persee. You will first incorporate the learning into your own day to day life. They will change through you modelling your learnings. Yes I know it sounds simple - but it truly works the majority of the time.


What experience do you have?


Professionally I am a qualified BACP counsellor who creates engages resources and tools for parents, families and teens. I am also neurodivergent myself and a mom who has successfully raised neurodivergent teens. Additionally I am trained with the Trauma Foundation Seven Month Certificate Program in Trauma and Stress Studies and trained in the "ADHD Clinical Services Provider (ADHD-CCSP) Certification: Strength-based Interventions to Thrive with ADHD from Childhood to Adulthood"

You'll have all the tools and skills necessary to navigate parenting a neurodivergent teen with strength and less stress. It's time for an exciting new journey!

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