Transform Your Teaching Experience: Harness the Power of Polyvagal Principles to Create a Calm, Connected, and Empowered Classroom.

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Unleash the Power of Polyvagal Principles in the Classroom! 🌱 Empower Yourself as an Educator to Navigate Stress and Overwhelm in Your Teaching Environment.

Join our groundbreaking 5-module workshop designed specifically for teachers and educators like you. Discover how to integrate practical polyvagal skills into your teaching environment with confidence and ease.

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Start the New School Year Refreshed and Calm: Unlock the Tools to Recharge and Thrive as a Teacher in September!

Hi I am Yasmin a BACP Accredited Counsellor & your trainer – creator of Polyvagal Teen® In this transformative workshop, we will delve into the core concepts of emotional regulation and activation states, using the Polyvagal Principles as a framework for establishing a common language. Gain a deep understanding of how stress affects the nervous system and explore the connection between behaviors and emotions. Moreover, you will learn valuable strategies and tools to empower yourself and your students, helping them develop effective coping mechanisms.

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🎯 Empower Yourself as an Educator to Overcome Stress and Overwhelm in the Classroom! This program is for those who:

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How will your our workshop help you?

Discover the transformative power of emotions and how they can guide you in nurturing and empowering you and your students.

 ✅ Gain a comprehensive understanding of how our nervous system functions and its profound impact on your overall well-being.

✅ Discover the transformative power of micro-moments and learn how to use them effectively to reshape your response patterns and foster genuine connections with your students.

✅ Unlock techniques that tap into your body’s innate pathways of connection, enabling you to enhance social engagement and facilitate emotional regulation in the classroom.

✅ Acquire the skills to create a safe and supportive learning environment by harnessing the potential of your own autonomic nervous system.

✅ Deepen your knowledge of Polyvagal Theory and explore its practical applications, equipping you with valuable tools to address stress and overwhelm among your students.

✅ Learn effective strategies to convey this knowledge to others in a clear and accessible manner, empowering fellow educators and colleagues to make a positive impact.

✅ Explore the vital relationship between sensory processing and emotional regulation, gaining insights into how it can influence the classroom dynamics.

✅ Uncover powerful strategies to resource your clients and students of all ages, equipping them with the necessary tools to navigate challenges and thrive in their learning journey.

Learning Outcomes for Teachers and the Classroom:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of Polyvagal Skills and its application in the classroom.
  • Recap Polyvagal 101 to establish a strong foundation in Polyvagal Theory.
  • Explore neuroception and understand how it impacts student behavior and emotional well-being.
  • Learn about the Hierarchy of the nervous system and its relevance to creating safety and connection in the classroom.
  • Discover Touchpoints and Catching Glimmers techniques to foster student engagement and regulation.
  • Understand the Window of Capacity and its role in supporting students’ optimal learning and social-emotional functioning.
  • Learn how to apply the Polyvagal Teen® Track to enhance students’ well-being.
  • Explore practical and creative tools to make the Polyvagal Theory accessible and applicable in the classroom.
  • Discover the R.U.D Process: Recognize State, Story & Sensations to help students understand and regulate their emotional experiences.
  • Unravel and Understand emotional challenges by applying Polyvagal insights.
  • Develop strategies to diffuse challenging situations and support students in managing emotional dysregulation.
  • Learn techniques for tracking states and catching glimmers of progress and growth.
  • Equip yourself with effective strategies to support students in managing anger and developing anger management skills.
  • Gain insights into sensory processing challenges and explore techniques to promote sensory regulation in the classroom.
  • Help students regain emotional control and stability by addressing emotional dysregulation.
  • Foster emotional awareness and expression in students struggling with alexithymia.
  • Learn de-escalation techniques to create a calm and safe environment for students.
  • Develop strategies to assist students in managing anxiety through Polyvagal approaches.
  • Enhance students’ emotional literacy and intelligence through practical exercises and activities.
  • Improve communication and foster better relationships among students by applying Polyvagal insights.
  • Acquire a comprehensive toolkit of practical tools and strategies for resourcing students in various classroom settings.
  • Explore the integration of scent-based resources for emotional regulation.
  • Learn tactile strategies using materials like slime, model magic, and sand/rice to support regulation.
  • Discover somatic integration methods and their benefits in promoting student well-being.
  • Explore vestibular regulation integration techniques for calming and focus.
  • Understand the Alert Program® and its application in supporting student self-regulation.
  • Apply the R.U.D Process to create a sensory processing profile for individual students.
  • Recognize the importance of nutrition, sleep, and movement in students’ overall well-being.
  • Learn pendulation techniques for regulation in the classroom.
  • Gain an introduction to working with neurodivergent students in the classroom.
  • Understand the characteristics and needs of neurodivergent individuals.
  • Learn about masking and its impact on students’ experiences.
  • Explore how neurodivergent traits can influence emotions and emotional regulation.

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🌟 Empowering Emotional Awareness: Our Tools Support Understanding Alexithymia! 🌟

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