Welcome to Day 3 Challenge -
The Big Nervous System Reset For Stressed Out Parents With Teens & Their ADHD.

It’s already Day 3 how quickly did that happen? So today is all about getting you to connect with your body! Connecting with the sensations in your body is important because it helps you become more aware of your emotional and physiological states.

By tuning into your body, you can identify signs of stress, tension, or discomfort before they escalate into conflict. This self-awareness allows you to take proactive steps to regulate your emotions and prevent conflicts from arising. Once you learn these valuable skills you can help your teens learn them also! 

Here's the 4 things I'd like you to do today:

Watch the Video below:

In this video you will learn more about today's task and why it's important to connect with the sensations in our body. as always we will build on Day 1 and Day 2's tasks. So today you will keep in mind tracking and recognising call states, stories & sensations.

Download & Complete the Worksheet:

After watching the video, download the Sensations Worksheet . The worksheet will help you track your "sensations" covered in the video through this challenge. This exercise, it will lay build on the rest of the challenge. You can download them at the bottom of the page.

Post in the Group:

I encourage you to join our dedicated Facebook group and post your insights and "Aha!" moments in the Day 1 thread. This will allow us to create a supportive community where we can share our experiences and learn from one another. Click "3" to go to group.

Join us at 9.00pm each evening

For 30 mins I will go live in the Facebook group each night to catch up on the day. Each day I will be giving a pack of the "What's Your State? cards away to the person who has had a major insight on their day.

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