Welcome to Day 4 Challenge -
The Big Nervous System Reset For Stressed Out Parents With Teens & Their ADHD.

As we reach the final day of the Build Better Bonds Challenge, I want to applaud your commitment and efforts throughout this transformative journey. Today, we reflect on how you can apply the knowledge gained about your states, stories, and sensations to enhance your relationship with your teen.

By understanding your emotional and physiological states, recognizing the stories you tell yourself, and connecting with your body’s sensations, you have gained valuable tools. This marks the beginning of a journey toward building a stronger bond with your teen.

Here's the 4 things I'd like you to do today:

Watch the Video below:

In this video you will learn about "Catching Glimmers" Glimmers a term coined by Deb Dana are those touchpoints or micro-moments of joy that we can become aware of.

Download & Complete the Worksheet:

After watching the video, download the Catching Glimmers worksheets at bottom of this page. This exercise, it will build on the learning of the previous days.

Post in the Group:

I encourage you to join our dedicated Facebook group and post your insights and "Aha!" moments in the Day 1 thread. This will allow us to create a supportive community where we can share our experiences and learn from one another. Click "3" to go to group.

Join us at 9.00pm each evening

Don't forget our exciting announcement tonight at 9:00 PM! I will be live to reveal the winners of the challenge, who will receive a free pack of the Polyvagal Teen Cards—a valuable resource for further supporting your nervous system understanding and regulation. Ill also share how you can work with me further if you have found this training helpful!

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