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Immerse yourself in the joy of emotional self-discovery and relationship building with our “Whats Your State Polyvagal Theory Bundle”.  To celebrate the launch of our new workbook  “Build Better Bond With Emotional Regulation” we have curated a unique collection of resources designed to help you understand and apply the principles of Polyvagal theory effectively.

  1. What’s Your State Card Deck: This engaging card deck is a fun way to explore your emotional state, identify triggers, and cultivate emotional intelligence. It’s a great tool for sparking conversations about emotions, building empathy, and developing self-awareness.

  2. What’s Your State Track: The track complements our card deck, providing a visual guide to help your clients  navigate their  emotional landscape. It’s an easy-to-understand tool that encourages mindfulness and promotes emotional regulation.

  3. Practical Polyvagal For Emotional Regulation Course: Welcome to the journey towards emotional self-regulation!  This course offers practical steps to share the Polyvagal Framework with young people, adults, and neurodivergent individuals. Unlock the Key To Emotional Regulation & Building Better Bonds Self-Paced Program: Dive  into the principles of Polyvagal theory in bite size learning with this comprehensive program. Gain a profound understanding of emotional regulation and learn practical techniques to share this knowledge with your clients. This program is designed to be accessible and relatable, whether you work with young people, adults, or the neurodivergent community.

Discover the transformative power of Dr. Stephen Porges’ “Science of Safety” and learn how to share this knowledge practically. Apply it to your day-to-day life and support your clients in doing the same. Whether you’re dealing with neuro-burnout, meltdowns, or shutouts, understanding and implementing these principles can truly revolutionise your life.

Are you ready to enhance your emotional regulation skills and build better bonds? Grab our Emotional Regulation Bundle today and embark on a journey of emotional growth and connection.

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