At Polyvagal Teen® a brand of Watoto Play Ltd, we are committed to protecting the environment and promoting sustainability in all aspects of our business. This Sustainable Development Policy outlines our commitment to creating a more sustainable, healthier future for our planet.

We understand that the sustainability of our operations is necessary to ensure the long-term viability of our company and the communities we serve. In order to achieve this goal, we strive to reduce our environmental footprint and innovate with new technologies.

We also commit to promoting sustainable practices among our customers, staff, partners, and suppliers wherever possible.

To ensure compliance with this policy:

We will strive to reduce energy consumption in all aspects of our business operations.

By utilising renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and hydro whenever feasible. We look for ways to improve efficiency through the use of smart building systems and technologies, such as LED lighting and motion sensors. To further reduce our environmental footprint, we will continue to invest in new technologies for efficient heating, cooling, water and appliance management. We are also committed to working with suppliers and partners who share our commitment to sustainability. By supporting their green initiatives, we can ensure that any products used in our operations have minimal negative impact on the environment.

We will promote responsible consumption and waste reduction measures among our customers

Through education, incentives, and other initiatives. We work with suppliers who offer recycled, recyclable, or compostable packaging materials so that any waste produced when using our products is minimized. We also provide access to in-store or online recycling programs for any products that cannot be reused or repurposed. Moreover, we emphasise the importance of making eco-friendly purchasing decisions by providing information and resources about sustainable practices to our customers. Through these efforts, we hope to inspire a culture of responsibility and conservation amongst our customers.

We will look for ways to minimise water usage in all areas of production

Beyond just reducing our own usage, we are also developing guidelines for suppliers and partners working with us to ensure their operations adhere to the same sustainability goals. By leveraging our collective efforts, we can minimise the global environmental impact of water consumption and conserve vital resources for future generations.

We will encourage greener transportation solutions 

This includes carpooling, using public transportation, and bicycle commuting. We believe that by taking these steps, we can reduce our environmental footprint while also improving the quality of life in our communities. By promoting these solutions, we can ensure a brighter future for our planet.

We will take steps to promote responsible product packaging practices that reduce waste and recycling whenever possible

To achieve this, we use packaging materials from sustainable sources whenever possible and design our packages with recycling in mind. We also strive to minimise shipments by consolidating our products into reusable containers and boxes whenever possible. We are working to create a more sustainable packaging process and reduce the amount of waste entering landfills.

This policy is subject to change in light of new legislation or guidance issued by relevant authorities.

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