Building "Polyvagal Aware " communities means becoming trauma-informed & beyond.

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Build Better Bonds With My Teen's ADHD - Online Self Study Program.

Parents & Caregivers - Unlock The Secrets To Building Positive Relationships With Your Adolescents ADHD. A self study program for parents to gain confidence in raising tweens and teens with ADHD - through making friends with their nervous system & exploring their senses. Click to learn more >

Build Better Bonds with My Teen & Their ADHD - Coaching Program For Parents & Caregivers.

Our signature "What's You State?" online program delivered via zoom - eight one to one coaching sessions with Yasmin a qualified BACP registered counsellor and founder of Polyvagal Teen® Learn actionable psychoeducation strategies to implement into your life. Learn More >

Emotional Discussion & Conversation Therapy Card Deck For Teenagers. Helping Adolescents and Families Thrive.

The purpose of our  “What’s Your State?” therapy card deck is to support teenagers, families and groups in recognising and managing emotions.  Naming emotions and behaviours empowers young people and families to communicate their needs calmly and with clarity.  Helping manage family blowouts by making healthy communication second nature. Click For Details >

The "What's Your State" Toolbag - includes card deck & game board

The What's Your State? tool bag includes the * What's Your State Card Deck - 80 cards, 40 unique images * * What's Your State - fold out game board - track goes through the three states * * Packaged in a reusable, cotton drawstring bag* Click For Details >

Our message is being trauma-informed alone is no longer enough - let's work to go beyond! Through Polyvagal Teen® psychoeducation resources and training - we also aim for trauma prevention, stress reduction and cultivation of safety and connection in our communities. Whilst raising awareness of the adverse impact socio-economic challenges have on our nervous systems and relationships.

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