Building "Polyvagal Aware " communities means becoming trauma-informed & beyond.

Podcast: The Build Better Bonds ...........

Are you passionate about helping teens build healthy relationships? If so, I’ve got the perfect opportunity for you!

We are excited to announce that in Spring 2023 we  launch the  ‘Build Better Bonds With…’. podcast. The first series is focused on building better bonds between parents and their teenagers; featuring topics like mental health, wellness, education and parenting advice. But we also want to chat about teen culture, language, fashion, music and the pesky things that cause blowouts. 

If this interests you and if have 45 minutes available – then sign up as one of our guest speakers today. Lets chat!  All it takes are two simple steps: 

  1. Check  my schedule to book time to have a chat with me to see if we are a good fit – click here. If you can’t find a suitable time continue to the form below and it will let you add your own preferred dates & times 
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Our message is being trauma-informed alone is no longer enough - let's work to go beyond! Through Polyvagal Teen® psychoeducation resources and training - we also aim for trauma prevention, stress reduction and cultivation of safety and connection in our communities. Whilst raising awareness of the adverse impact socio-economic challenges have on our nervous systems and relationships.

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