Building "Polyvagal Aware " communities means becoming trauma-informed & beyond.

Our message is being trauma-informed alone is no longer enough - let's work to go beyond! Through Polyvagal Teen® psychoeducation resources and training - we also aim for trauma prevention, stress reduction and cultivation of safety and connection in our communities. Whilst raising awareness of the adverse impact socio-economic challenges have on our nervous systems and relationships.

A Polyvagal Teen® - A young person (can be a child, tween, teen or adolescent) who is aware of the importance of getting to know their nervous system. Our tools and resources through a Polyvagal Framework help young people, families and caregivers make friends with their nervous system so they can thrive.

What is a Polyvagal Framework?

We at Polyvagal Teen® use a Polyvagal Framework as a way that helps us to get to know our nervous system and understand how biology has a massive play on our reactions and behaviours.

Our Polyvagal Framework foundation uses Dr Stephen Porges Polyvagal Theory as guiding principles. 

A simple way we explain Polyvagal Theory is that it has 3 main pillars, they being:  

i. Scan For Safety

We subconsciously  scan for cues of safety or threat. Usually this often happens without us being aware. When we feel unsafe we can go into a “defensive state” as a way of protecting ourselves. Our reactions play a key role in our interactions with the people in our lives.  The good news is we can learn to consciously regulate our reactions through creating awareness and practice by regulation and rewiring our brain. 

ii. Know Your State.

Due to the way we have evolved when we interact with internal and external stimuli we automatically dip in and out of different “states”. Depending on what state we are in will reflect our thoughts, behaviours and emotions.  It will also affect our ability to take in information and learn. Understanding your reactions and your states is key to building stronger bonds. 

iii. Share Your Calm

As we are always scanning for cues of safety or threat – those around us can support us in feeling safe. We all have a part to play – this is called “co-regulation”. If you think of how you feel in your body when someone shouts at you. Then think of an occasion when you are spoken to calmly with kindness and warmth. Feels different in your body? …. your reaction? Parents and Caregivers have an important role to play in helping young people regulate when they are spiralling. You just need to remember to share your calm. 

The Benefits Of Getting To Know Your Nervous System. 

  • Our Polyvagal Teen® resources give young people, parents and caregivers relatable tools to explore, express and get to know their nervous system.


  • Improve Your Teens’ Mental Health –  help your teen overcome shame, understand themselves better, and build stronger relationships with family and friends. Help you remove the critical lens. 


  • Support your Child’s’ Emotional Regulation – Explore and connect behaviours with emotions. Help your child build resilience and become more socially engaged.


  • Build a Stronger Connection – Understanding is the first step to improving connection. Our Polyvagal Teen® resources provides a therapy game with supporting elements and online guides that can be played as a family or individually.


Our Tools & Resources To Relate & Engage.

We have a number of resources and tools for young people, parents, caregivers and professionals to help them get to know their nervous system.  From Polyvagal Posters, Cards Deck, Our Toolbag and more. Take a browse. 

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to create psychoeducational therapy resources & tools that improve lives.

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