Create A "Polyvagal Aware" Therapy Practice - becoming trauma-informed and beyond.

How We Support Therapists

We have a number of tools and programs both online & face to face for therapists to support you in making Polyvagal Theory accessible to your clients as well as tools and resources. We also provide customised programs for the workplace, organisations, EAP’s, group practices and education settings. If you would discuss further please do not hesitate to book a zoom call

Live Online Training

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1 hour CPD - Polyvagal Teen Resources Skills Workshop.

1 hour free workshop for those that have purchased the Polyvagal Teen® resources. Ask questions, experiential learning Click For Details >

2 hours CPD - Polyvagal Theory Accessible to Young People, Families & Neuro Divergent Individual. March 30th 2023

2 Hour Workshop with Online Events - Does the Polyvagal Framework have the capacity to depathologise some of the mental disorders listed in the DSM-5? There will be time for reflection and discussion. Click For Details >

Pre-recorded Training

4 hours CPD - Self Study The Polyvagal Teen® Pre-Foundation Certificate - Practical Steps To Sharing The Polyvagal Framework With Young People, Families & The Neurodivergent Individual.

Self-study The Polyvagal Teen® Pre-Foundation Certificate provides an opportunity for you to gain an in-depth understanding of the polyvagal framework whilst learning creative interventions to apply in your practice. Click For Details >

20 hours CPD - The Polyvagal Teen® Foundation Certificate - Practical Steps To Sharing The Polyvagal Framework With Young People, Families & The Neurodivergent Individual.

The Polyvagal Teen® Foundation Certificate provides an opportunity for you to gain an in-depth understanding of the polyvagal framework whilst supporting your professional development. Click For Details >


Emotional Discussion & Conversation Therapy Card Deck For Teenagers. Helping Adolescents and Families Thrive.

The purpose of our  “What’s Your State?” therapy card deck is to support teenagers, families and groups in recognising and managing emotions.  Naming emotions and behaviours empowers young people and families to communicate their needs calmly and with clarity.  Helping manage family blowouts by making healthy communication second nature. Click For Details >

The "What's Your State" Toolbag - includes card deck & game board

The What's Your State? tool bag includes the * What's Your State Card Deck - 80 cards, 40 unique images * * What's Your State - fold out game board - track goes through the three states * * Packaged in a reusable, cotton drawstring bag* Click For Details >

Our message is being trauma-informed alone is no longer enough - let's work to go beyond! Through Polyvagal Teen® psychoeducation resources and training - we also aim for trauma prevention, stress reduction and cultivation of safety and connection in our communities. Whilst raising awareness of the adverse impact socio-economic challenges have on our nervous systems and relationships.

Polyvagal Teen® provides therapists, counsellors, psychologists and mental health professionals with the practical tools and skill sets to make the Polyvagal Framework accessible to young people, parents and caregivers. 

Our programs and resources empower the neurodivergent individual, young people, families, educators and communities to create healthy connections with their own nervous systems. We believe that this is a key step towards building better relationships – with self & others.

Our Polyvagal Teen® Card Deck, Teen Track and Teen Tracker make getting to know our nervous system engaging and relatable.

Do you want to help your clients track their states? Download our free Polyvagal Teen® States Tracker Worksheets.

Polyvagal Teen States tracker worksheets free download.

These 6  worksheets will help your clients to: 

  • Track states day by day during the week. 
  • Track states hour by hour during a 24 hour period.
  • Drill down to individual hours and track states within a 60 minute time period.   
  • I will show you how  you can easily teach this simple strategy to your young people  and adult clients. 
  • Share this guide with your teen clients and their parents. Permission to print & share. 

Addressing The Elephant In The Room ........

Polyvagal Theory Is Debunked!

"The Map Is Not The Territory"

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Our Tools & Resources To Engage.

We have a number of resources and tools for professionals that you can incorporate into your therapy practice  – from Polyvagal Posters, Cards Deck, Our Polyvagal Mug, Our Toolbag and more. Take a browse. 

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Introducing Polyvagal Theory To Teens.

Practical Polyvagal Skills 101 - Working With Teens & Adults

🥳🤩 New Training Therapists Learn Practical Steps Of Introducing Polyvagal Theory to Teens & Families In Your Clinical Practice.

With anxiety, depression, and stress on the climb, tracking the nervous system helps clients understand their reactions to life’s challenges and stressors. It can also help build resilience & connections.

Join the waitlist to find out about my new training for teaching teens & families about the Polyvagal Framework in a fun & relateble way. 


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235 page workbook journal £17.99

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