Unlock the secrets of the autonomic nervous system with our Polyvagal Teen® Toolbag, a comprehensive resource designed to support teens in navigating the intricate landscape of emotional regulation. This unique toolbag includes the Polyvagal Theory Card Deck and the Polyvagal Teen® Track – a fold-out board that utilises the metaphor of a track to illuminate the movement of states.

Polyvagal Theory Card Deck: Dive into the depths of the Polyvagal Theory with our thoughtfully crafted card deck. Each card provides a glimpse into the physiological states of the autonomic nervous system – from the relaxed state, through mobilised, to immobilised. These cards serve as insightful guides, fostering a deeper understanding of how our nervous system influences behaviors and feelings of safety.

Polyvagal Teen Track®:

At the heart of the Polyvagal Teen Toolbag is the Polyvagal Teen Track®, a visually engaging fold-out board that embodies the metaphor of a train track. This interactive tool provides not only a valuable resource for teens but also a supportive aid for neurodivergent individuals, helping them grasp and navigate the shifts between different physiological states.

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Benefits of Physically Moving States on the Board:

  1. Kinesthetic Learning: By physically moving markers, models or figures along the track, tweens and teens engage in kinesthetic learning, enhancing their understanding of the relationship between their physical states and emotions.
  2. Visual Reinforcement: The track serves as a visual reinforcement tool, helping teens connect abstract concepts to tangible experiences. The metaphor of the track becomes a powerful visual aid in comprehending the flow between different states of our autonomic nervous system.
  3. Interactive Learning: The interactive nature of the Polyvagal Teen Track® promotes hands-on, experiential learning, catering to various sensory preferences. This tactile engagement is supportive for neurodivergent individuals, offering an alternative and engaging way to explore emotional regulation.
  4. Enhanced Communication: The toolbag becomes a universal language, facilitating communication about emotions for neurodivergent individuals. It serves as a tangible tool for expressing and sharing emotional experiences, fostering open dialogues with caregivers, educators, and peers.
  5. Practical Application: Understanding the movement of states on the Polyvagal Teen Track® equips teens with practical tools for real-life situations. They can apply this knowledge to navigate stressors, build resilience, and enhance overall emotional well-being.

Empower the modern family on their journey to emotional regulation with the Polyvagal Teen® Toolbag – a transformative resource combining education, exploration, and empowerment.

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