Polyvagal Teen®
Pre-Foundation Certificate

Practical Steps To Sharing The Polyvagal Framework With Young People, Adults & the Neurodivergent community. A program for counsellors, therapists, educators, teachers, SENCO, SEN Learning - wanting to integrate polyvagal skills in their practice effectively and with confidence.

Seven Module Online Self-Study complete in your own time

Polyvagal Teen®
Pre-Foundation Certificate - Summer Workshops

Discover the Power of Polyvagal Principles! 🌱

Practical Steps To Sharing The Polyvagal Framework With Young People, Adults & the Neurodivergent Individual

Are you a counsellor, therapist, educator, teacher, SENCO, or SEN Learning professional? Do you want to learn de-escalation skills and build better connections? Support young people in nurturing & grow emotional literacy, skills they can take into adulthood?

Join our transformative 6 module workshop supporting you to integrate practical polyvagal skills into your environment with confidence and ease.

We'll begin by introducing the importance of emotional regulation and activation states, using Polyvagal Principles as a basis for a common vocabulary.

We will then go on to explore the impact of stress on our nervous system and link behaviours to emotions, whilst learn stratergies and tools for resourcing.

5 Hour Workshop & Book Before July 25th You Get The What's Your State Card Deck For Free.


🎯 What to Expect:

✅ Gain insights into the inner workings of our nervous system and how it impacts your well-being.
✅ Explore the art of using micro-moments to transform your response patterns and cultivate connection.
✅ Discover techniques to engage your body's natural pathways of connection for increased social engagement and emotional regulation.
✅ Learn how to create an environment of safety and support using the power of our own autonomic nervous system.
✅ Deepen your understanding of Polyvagal Theory and its practical applications.
✅ Learn how to share this knowledge with others in an accessible way.
✅ Explore how sensory processing can impact emotional regulation
✅ Strategies for Resourcing Clients/ Students of All Ages

Who is the Polyvagal Teen®
Pre-Foundation Certificate for?

For those Counsellors, Therapists, Social Care Professionals, SEN Teachers & Educators Who ......

SUMMER OFFER : Get the Polyvagal Teen Card Deck For Free when you book on to this workshop before July 25th. Limited spaces.


Gaining the Polyvagal Teen®  Pre-Foundation Level Certificate through completing creative interventions  teaches you the skills to pass on your Polyvagal Framework knowledge to your clients and students in a language & structure that is accessible for them. Workbook & resources provided for you to share with your clients or students. 

We’ll begin by introducing the importance of emotion regulation and activation states, using Polyvagal Theory as a basis for a common vocabulary and understanding. Key concepts such as the Window of Tolerance and Polyvagal Ladder will be explored – offering other alternatives, along with a discussion of the impacts of hyper and hypo-arousal on communication outcomes and insights regarding dissociation

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Polyvagal Teen®
Pre-Foundation Certificate

Practical Steps To Sharing The Polyvagal Framework With Young People, Families and The Neuro-Divergent Individual. - For counsellors, therapists, coaches, DBT therapists, Interpersonal Relationship Therapists working with adults & young people.

🗓 Summer 2023 Dates: BST : Time Convertor

  • Thursday  July  27th – 9.30 am – 3.30 pm 
  • Thursday August 3rd – 9.30 am – 3.30 pm 
  • Thursday August 17th – 9.30 am – 3.30 pm

Your Trainer - Yasmin Shaheen-Zaffar

Yasmin is a qualified counsellor in private practice working with relationships, anger & trauma. She is the founder and creator of Polyvagal Teen®  resources, tools and programs. Making Polyvagal Theory accessible to young people, parents & caregivers. The Leeds regional ambassador for The Creative Counsellors Community and founder of World Let’s Stop Shouting Day. 

She states “My commitment is to create psychoeducation, resources and programs so we therapists, educators, parents & caregivers can help build  generations of young people that are friends with their nervous system. 

Yasmin is diagnosed with Dyslexia, ADHD & has Dyspraxia. Her resources, programs, tools & learning style keep the neurodivergent community at the forefront.

Training is delivered in bitesize learning, with learning reinforced by using the “I Do, We do, You Do” learning  model. 

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Learning Outcomes - in this 5 module
workshop you will learn:

  • Polyvagal 101 Recap
  • What is Polyvagal Theory
  • Polyvagal & The Vagus Nerve 
  • The Vagal Break 
  • What is Vagal Tone
  • Polyvagal Foundation Principles 
    • Neuroception 
    • The Hierarchy 
    • Safety & Connection 
    • Touchpoints & Catching Glimmers
  • Achieving Vagal Tone 
  • Online Quiz 
  • Module Length: 60 minutes 

  • Exploring the Pros & Cons of The Polyvagal Theory 
  • Polyvagal Is Pseudoscience 
  • Dr Paul Grossman 
  • The Criticisms 
  • Dr Stephen Porgeses Response 
  • What this means for the practitioner 
  • Does Polyvagal Theory de-pathologise mental health disorders? 
  • The DSM5 & Its Creation 
  • What is the answer?
  • A place for both? 
  • Exploring the DSM5 with clients 
  • Quiz 
  • Module Length: 60 minutes 



Working with Parents – How do we explain Polyvagal Theory To Parents & Caregivers in relation to family relationships. 

  • The Hierarchy
  • Neuroception
  • Co-Regulation
  • Polyvagal And Parenting
  • Tracking States
  • Grounding exercises for parents.
  • Parenting & Stress 
  • Addressing the parents inner child. 
  • Parental Healing & Attachment 
  • Module Length: 120 minutes 

Working With Young People – Using Polyvagal Theory in sessions to help young people to link behaviours to emotions & become aware of emotions.

  • The Neuroscience of the teenage brain
  • Keeping it simple
  • Using The Metaphor of a Teen Track
  • Using The Polyvagal Teen Cards Effectively – one to one & in groups. 
  • Tracking States & Sensations
  • Using the following 3 questions to explore
    • what gets me here?
    • what keeps me here
    • what gets me out of here?
  • Grounding exercises for young people.
  • Teen Life & Relationships
  • Teen Life & Education
  • Childhood & Attachment
  • What Is Trauma – a short overview. 
  • Module Length: 120 minutes 

How we can use  Polyvagal Theory to create connection in our practice: 

  • Different ways of working – online or face to face. 
  • The beginning – initial contact & assessment.
  • The therapy space.
  • Our engagement in sessions with our clients.
  • Creative Resources & Tools For The Polyvagal Framework. 
  • The Window Of  Capacity – The SMART Model  
  • Somatic Strategies.

Practitioner Burnout Using A Polyvagal Framework.

  • Recognising the signs 
  • Strategies & systems to minimise
  • Polyvagal Informed Embodied Mindfulness 
  • Creative Exercises for Practitioners for 
  • Module Length: 60 minutes 

Introduction to working with teens who have ADHD. 

  • Introduction to ADHD
  • A personal experience
  • Masking – What it can look like 
  • Sensory Processing Disorders & ADHD Overlap
  • How ADHD Effects Emotions
  • Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria
  • State Creates Story
  • Coping Strategies
  • Flexible Thinking 
  • Creative Interventions 
  • Strategies for Calm and Connection 
  • Module Length: 120 minutes 

How to enhance your online practice using the Polyvagal Framework. 

We will look specifically at working online – tools & resources to use to make the Polyvagal Framework engaging and relatable to your online clients. 

Learning Outcomes - in this 6 module
workshop you will learn:

  • Polyvagal 101 Recap
  • Polyvagal Foundation Principles 
    • Neuroception 
    • The Hierarchy 
    • Safety & Connection 
    • Touchpoints & Catching Glimmers
  • The Window Of Capacity
  • The Polyvagal Teen® Track  
  • Exploring the Pros & Cons of The Polyvagal Theory 
  • Polyvagal Is Pseudoscience 
  • Dr Paul Grossman 
  • The Criticisms 
  • Dr Stephen Porgeses Response 
  • What this means in lay persons terms

Creative tools to use to help make this theory accessible & put into practice: Suitable for therapists & SEL Educators 

  • The Window Of Capacity 
  • The R.U.D Process 
    • Recognise State, Story & Sensations 
    • Unravel & Understand 
    • Diffuse & Develop Strategies. 
  • Tracking States
  • Catching Glimmers
  • 🔥 Anger Management: Equip your clients with tools to understand and regulate their anger responses effectively.
  • ⏫ Sensory Processing 
  • 🎢 Emotional Dysregulation: Help individuals regain control over their emotions and find stability.
  • 💭 Alexithymia: Foster emotional awareness and expression to support those struggling with identifying and describing their feelings.
  • ⏫ De-Escalation: Learn techniques to defuse tense situations and guide clients towards a calmer state.
  • 😰 Anxiety: Empower individuals to manage their anxiety and find calmness through polyvagal strategies.
  • 📚 Improving Emotional Literacy: Teach clients how to navigate and comprehend their emotions, fostering emotional intelligence.
  • 💑 Building Better Relationships: Enhance interpersonal connections by applying polyvagal insights to improve communication and understanding.

As therapists and educators, it’s crucial to be aware of valuable and immediately practical tools and strategies for resourcing. This module, drawing from extensive experience across diverse settings and age groups, aims to equip therapists and educators of all backgrounds and settings with a comprehensive toolkit.

Throughout the training, you’ll have the opportunity to witness the use of these tools through video clips, live demonstrations, and experiential practice. Each tool and strategy presented will be accompanied by scientific insights into their effectiveness, any relevant research, and resources for further information.

  • Scent-Based Resource Integration
  • Tactile strategies for regulation: Exploring the benefits of slime, model magic, sand/rice
  • Somatic Integration Methods
  • Vestibular Regulation Integration
  • The Alert Program®
  • The R.U.D Process 
  • Creating A Sensory Processing Profile 
  • Breath as Bi-lingual: Harnessing sensory supports that target both autonomic and somatic experiences
  • The importance of nutrition, sleep and movement in well-being
  • Pendulation techniques for regulation

Introduction to working with individuals who  are neurodivergent. 

  • Introduction to the Neurodivergent Individual
  • A personal experience
  • Masking – What it can look like 
  • How Neurodivergent Traits Can Impact Emotions
  • Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria

Program Format

🗓 Summer 2023 Dates: BST : Time Convertor

  • Thursday  July  27th – 9.30 am – 3.30 pm 
  • Thursday August 3rd – 9.30 am – 3.30 pm 
  • Thursday August 10th – 9.30 am – 3.30 pm
  • Thursday August 17th – 9.30 am – 3.30 pm

Your Questions Answered

Research tells us that over 50% of adult mental illness begin in childhood.

Our vision through psychoeducation, resources, tools & workshops is to offer support to therapists, educators, parents and caregivers to build communities  that are “Polyvagal Teen® Aware”.

What this means is if we can help create generations of children that have this knowledge … it contributes towards prevention not just cure. This through the lens of epigenetics may positively impact generations to come. 

Part of the workshop is recorded and available for  6 months. 

The experiential part of the workshop is not callrecorded. Call

We address the criticisms of Polyvagal Theory in this workshop – allowing you as a therapist to make an informed choice.  As a therapist myself I have spent a lot of time deciphering &  understanding the criticisms.

My understanding is that learning about the Polyvagal Framework – remembering it is a “model of the nervous System”  helps to remove the critical or shaming lens which in return clears the way for clients to begin focusing on the work. This in itself is invaluable. 

The Foundation Level Certificate covers how best as clinicians and therapists we can explain the Polyvagal Framework to clients – without giving false information. 

All Q&A sessions are recorded for you to view on catch up in your own time. 

Sessions may be edited due to confidentiality. 

We have available: 

  • Become A Certified Polyvagal Teen® Coach –  details of training to be released September 2023. 
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