New age philosophy, manifestation and a positivity bias

New age philosophy, manifestation, and the power of positive thinking have become increasingly popular in recent years.  After all who doesn’t love a bit of magic sprinkled into everyday life? The idea that we can change our circumstances by simply focusing on what we want or believing something is possible has been embraced by many […]

What is The Hierarchy Ladder in Polyvagal Theory?

What is The Hierarchy Ladder in Polyvagal Theory? Let’s Remember: Polyvagal Theory Is A Model Of The Nervous System Firstly it is important to remember that Polyvagal Theory  is a “model” of the nervous system – a model is a simplified representation of a complex system or concept. A model is not meant to be […]

The DSM-5 – A Blessing Or A Curse For Our Young?

Reading many of the parenting social media support groups available online – I can’t help but at times feel uncomfortable at the way diagnostic labels are normalised to identify our children’s mental health. Don’t get me wrong – I am not saying that they should be shelved. There is some place for them.  But is […]

Where does the word “Polyvagal” come from?

  Polyvagal & The Vagus Nerve In this blog post we learn about the origins of the word “Polyvagal” and understand more about the Vagus nerve. We also learn what Vagal Toning is and how to achieve “good vagal tone”.  Polyvagal?  The word “polyvagal” comes from the combination of two Greek words: “poly,” which means […]

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