Here you will find a growing library of videos & worksheets on how to use the What's Your State? Card Deck & Game Board.

If you have a question about the cards or game board or about our training programs please get in touch .. it may take us a week or so to reply but we do answer all mail. 

What's My State?

Therapists - help your clients track their states. Download our free Polyvagal Teen® States Tracker Worksheets.

Polyvagal Teen States tracker worksheets free download.

These 6  worksheets will help your clients to: 

  • Track states day by day during the week. 
  • Track states hour by hour during a 24 hour period.
  • Drill down to individual hours and track states within a 60 minute time period.   
  • I will show you how  you can easily teach this simple strategy to your young people  and adult clients. 
  • Share these worksheets with your teen clients and their parents. Permission to print & share. 

Polyvagal Teen® "What's My State?"
Tracker Worksheets include .......

  • Weekly POLYVAGAL TEEN® States TRACKER set times labelled.
  • Weekly POLYVAGAL TEEN® States TRACKER label your own times.
  • Daily POLYVAGAL TEEN® States TRACKER 24 hour clock.
  • Daily POLYVAGAL TEEN® States TRACKER 12 hour clock.
  • Drill Down POLYVAGAL TEEN® States ISSUE/ EVENTS hour TRACKER – 15 minute intervals.
  • Drill Down POLYVAGAL TEEN® States ISSUE/ EVENTS hour TRACKER – customise intervals.

Yes please I want to help my clients track their states.

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