What is psychoeducation and why is it important?

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Hey there … I’m Yasmin the creator of Polyvagal Teen®, I’m also a qualified counsellor in the U.K, being a therapist I wanted to help and support as many people as possible – that is why I became a counsellor. I soon realised that although one to counselling was helpful for people and families I could support many more people by creating engaging and relatable therapy resources. I understand one to one therapy can be difficult to access for a number of reasons.

What Is It?

Psychoeducation is the sharing of in-depth information about mental health disorders and relational patterns. It is an avenue of therapy to teach the nature, system, and dialectical processes of a specific diagnosis or issue in order to provide deeper understanding and knowledge about it and what one is dealing with, and why. It’s education about your diagnosis, condition or issue.

Why Is It Important?

In the case of our Polyvagal Teen® resources and tools it’s like taking a few classes in getting to know your nervous system and how it impacts your relationships with yourself, family and friends. Engaging in psychoeducation tools and programs as a learner, you can find out what’s in store, how you can help yourself, and how to create conditions for your family or young people so you can all thrive. Think of it as a tool for possible prevention, personal development and even relapse prevention.

Learning Through Psychoeducation 

As well as learning factual information in a relatable and engaging manner – our tools, resources and programs are designed to support you in developing helpful skills so you are able to regulate your nervous system and support your young people do the same. It’s important adults get involved also – change often needs to happen all round. 

Problem Solving Training 

Learning techniques and skills for solving problems on your own means you can also teach these skills to your teens, tweens or adolescents – we call it collabroative shared learning. These are invaluable skills your teen can take into their adult life – leaving them more resilient and emotionally aware Our Polyvagal Teen® resources – through a Polyvagal informed lens will help you and your teen learn: 

  • to explore, identify & express emotions as they arise 
  • connect the relationship between their thinking, emotion & behaviour
  • to consider the effects of the issue for your teen and your family. 
  • to explore options for solving the issue 
  • to choose and act on options that will help you towards solving the issue. 
  • to reflect and evaluate after implementing a possible solution 

The Polyvagal Teen® Collection 

So far we have launched 

The Polyvagal Teen® Cards Deck 

The Polyvagal Teen® Track 

The Polyvagal Teen® Tracker

These can be bought individually or as part of our Polyvagal Teen® Toolkit

We also have launched a range of accessories – mouse mats, posters, mugs and t-shirts with our Polyvagal Teen message. Gentle reminders around the house can be a non-intrusive way of becoming more intone with your nervous state. 

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About the author: Yasmin Shaheen-Zaffar

With a passion for improving the emotional wellbeing of young people, adults and parents, she is  the founder and creator of Polyvagal Teen®, she has developed an innovative approach to helping teens recognise and manage stress and anxiety through becoming “Polyvagal Aware”. In addition, Yasmin is also the founder of World Let’s Stop Shouting Day, which aims to promote peaceful communication and reduce conflict and aggression in our daily interactions. Neurosloth™ and The Hearts Whisper®

She also runs a small private practice providing counselling and neurofeedback  to young people and adults in North Yorkshire.

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