10 Effective Strategies to Manage ADHD Meltdowns for Parents and Caregivers

Managing ADHD meltdowns effectively is crucial for supporting children with ADHD, helping them lead happy, productive lives. For parents and caregivers, knowing how to respond to these intense situations can make a world of difference. This guide lists 10 effective strategies to help parents deal with the everyday challenges of self-regulation and offers coping skills […]

Seeking Learning Accommodations for Neurodivergent Individuals: A Comprehensive Guide

For neurodivergent individuals, including those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Dyslexia, and others, securing appropriate learning accommodations is vital for their academic success and overall wellbeing12. As we know this diverse group processes information in unique ways, which may necessitate certain adjustments or accommodations to help them excel in a […]

Polyvagal Teen® at the Oxford Master Series Trauma Conference 2023

The Oxford Master Series

I. Introduction Dawn had barely broken on the day of the Oxford Master Series Trauma Conference in 2023, and already, a tangible sense of anticipation was in the air. This wasn’t just any conference; it was the largest trauma conference in Europe, a unique gathering of professionals, enthusiasts, and advocates from across the globe. Although […]

The Window Of Tolerance or The Window Capacity? Which Do You Prefer?

The name for the window of tolerance has never quite sat right with me. I can’t take credit for this, but a few months ago, during a Polyvagal Teen® workshop, one of the participants shared with me a different term: the window of capacity. Immediately, a visualization popped into my mind—a squashed sandwich!  I wish […]

Is Zonal Transitioning A Real Thing?

You may have heard the term “in the zone” – which often refers to positive productivity … but what exactly is Zonal transitioning and is it a real thing?

State creates story

Polyvagal theory proposes that state creates story. Recognising those stories increases awareness. As stories can be told in third person – this can feel safer for young people or clients. Try the interactive storytelling board here online.

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