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Practical Polyvagal For Emotional Regulation

Welcome to “Practical Steps To Sharing The Polyvagal Framework With Young People, Adults & the Neurodivergent Individual” Course! 🎓

So, are you ready to discover the power of Polyvagal Principles and applying them practically into your practice and day to day life for emotional regulation??

Whether it’s neuro-burnout, meltdowns or shutouts understanding Dr Stephen Porges “Science of Safety” then learning to apply it in a practical way to your day to day life has the capacity to transform your life!

As part of the journey there are physical resources you can purchase from December 4th. Cech back here for and amazing December deal launching December 4th 2023!

  • The What’s Your State Card Deck?
  • The Teen Track &
  • The “Build Better Bonds With Emotional Regulation – 49 days for change – A workbook especially for neurodivergent Individuals & parents helping to manage shutouts, meltdowns and burnouts.

Let’s embark on this transformative journey together.

Start with the introduction video below and work your way through the videos & resources!

🌱 Welcome aboard!

Course Content

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Module 1 : Polyvagal Theory 101
Module 2: Resources, Assessments And Tools
MODULE 3 Working With Neurodivergent Clients
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